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Transformational Education & Immersions.


One Village Project is a regenerative model of visionary education offering immersive experiences to people from all walks of life.  Hosted both on our farm sanctuary, in the virtual space, and around the world, OVP Offerings supports a way of being-- a world  where all people are supported in their visions to rise, respond, and grow healthier and more holistic systems for the people and the planet. 

Current Offerings:

Institute for Emerging Visionaries 

The Institute for Emerging Visionaries serves as a model of transformational education that fosters a generation of young visionary leaders who are dedicated and equipped to serve humanity. IEV is a educational immersion program dedicated to creating environments and experiences for revolutionary youth to deepen themselves, their skills, and their knowledge so that they can actualize their humanitarian visions for the world.


Personal Retreats Big Island, Hawai'i

Co-create an individualized personal retreats with Vanessa Stone and the land as your guide. This is an intimate and powerful opportunity to deepen in study and healing steeped in the beauty of the One Village Sanctuary. A unique and intimate invitation for personal reflection, presence, self inquiry, study of nature, and connection to the power of life within.


Retreats designed for individuals and couples. Small group retreats available upon request. 


Study with Vanessa Stone

For over 20 years, our founder Vanessa Stone, has served as a visionary, teacher, humanitarian leader, inspired speaker, group facilitator, and mentor. Vanessa is devoted to co-create in service with community, and to continue to mentor and inspire people from all over the world to put voice to vision, serve creation, study nature, realize authentic freedom and live for the soul

There are many ways to journey with Vanessa including: 

If you are interested in a personal retreat with Vanessa on the One Village Project campus, we are offering land immersions for individuals, couples, and small groups. More information can be found here.


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Vanessa offers a raw and honest exploration of what is most alive and true within, diving into the multifaceted experience of our humanity, self, heart, mind, vision and truest nature.

One Village Firm:
Visionary Consulting &
Transformational Facilitation Trainings


Our experienced team of mentors and humanitarian leaders offer consultation to individuals, small groups, businesses, organizations, and intentional communities. Based off of decades of international community work, our offerings touches every stage of humanitarian visions from concept to application.  Our offering is designed to create a powerful catalyst that helps teams clarify, revitalize, embody and actualize visions.


One Village Radio 

One Village Radio is a collective of visionary voices, wildly engaged humanitarians, and revolutionary young people dedicated to amplifying the diverse and resilient voices of humanity. We are here to water the seeds of the rising regeneration and delightfully disturb the current narrative of the world through drawing on the wisdom of the land, elders and highlighting young revolutionary voices. 


A podcast that weaves a landscape of interconnection across the globe at this potent time of  isolation and disconnect. The stories of young people rising, the teachings of our village elders and the vast weaving of connections across continents, time and perceived distance, have culminated in this work. We are uplifting the stories of what holds us together and having intentional conversations that center regenerative community, reparations, and care for the earth and her people. 

Past Offerings:

Global Youth Peace Summit

The Global Youth Peace Summit united  youth from all around the world for a week focused on healing, personal growth, cultural exchange, and embodied leadership. Over 20+ Global Youth Peace Summits were held across the world, serving thousands of international young people in search of a more connected and compassionate world.  


The Summit provided an opportunity to see that beyond our nationality, ethnicity, beliefs, past experiences and present circumstances, we are all human beings who essentially want the same things: acceptance, equity, hope and peace.

The One Village Project holds a daily embodiment of the Global Youth Peace Summits essence


Community Partnerships.

We learn from our gardens that collaboration and diversity produce abundance-- a belief mirrored in our community partnerships. We share our land with those in need, hosting many local family enterprises aligned with pillars of regenerative development.

ReGeneration Rising 

A program dedicated to supporting young people to steep in the possibilities of their path, envision the power of their own lives, and engage in meaningful conversations around cultural, ecological, and agricultural regeneration. Inspired by the work of the Global Youth Peace Summit, ReGeneration Rising is a diverse program that ranges from virtual course offerings to in-person nature based immersions focused on healing, personal growth, cultural exchange, and embodied leadership.

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Together with seasoned mentors, ReGeneration Rising cultivates capacity, resilience and what it means to be heart-centered leaders. Together, we explore what it takes to gather in intergenerational and diverse communities, dedicated to meaningful contribution and engagement, honoring our capacity to make a difference.

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Give and Grow Discovery School

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Po Naturals

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