Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken a conscious pause on hosting the Global Youth Peace Summits for the safety and wellbeing of our global community. 




and service.

Imagine a truly diverse village, where youth from all over the world come to address their wounds of separation and work together in a culture of respect and listening to discover shared vision and inspiration…

The Global Youth Peace Summit is that place - a place for youth to grow in their authenticity, their leadership, their voice, and their connections. To realize the threads that bind us all together as one human species, and to learn how to harness their emotions and passions to bring about change in their lives, their families, and in the world.

Because we believe in the youth, we believe in the power of their voices and visions, and growth through service - that is what the Summit is all about.

The Summit utilizes a unique blend of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs and cross-cultural programming aimed at providing the next generation of leaders a model of inclusion, compassion, commitment, and service to their communities.


What's Next...

As many of you, we have spent the past year+ deep in contemplation and curiosity. How do we response to this unique moment with creativity, solidarity and understanding?

While it was with a heavy heart that we canceled this past  Summit, it gave us a potent moment to vision a way forward, to dream of a world we wish to see and to explore how the rooted values of the Global Youth Peace Summit can best serve.  Stay tuned for what is to come!