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 Thank you for 20+ years of the 

Global Youth Peace Summit 

The COVID-19 pandemic offered us an conscious pause on hosting the Global Youth Peace Summits and a moment to ground into our local community and contemplate a response to this unique moment on planet earth with creativity, solidarity and understanding.  We couldn't be prouder of the 20+ Global Youth Peace Summits around the world. From those potent places, new visions and formations were born. The essence of the GYPS lives on daily within our wildly-alive village on the OVP Farm Campus and through the visions of former GYPS youth and now visionary graduates.  The GYPS was incredibly fertile soil by which countless other collaborations and connections were born. Thank you all for being a part of that chapter of our journey. 




and Service.

The movement began in 2007 with the gathering of young people from all over the world--the first Global Youth Peace Summit in Austin, Texas.  A massive community and journey was born,  Over 20+ Global Youth Peace Summits were held across the world, serving thousands of international young people in search of a more connected and compassionate world.  


For 10 days, each summer, a truly diverse village was formed, where youth from all over the world come to address their wounds of separation and work together in a culture of respect and listening to discover shared vision and inspiration. The Global Youth Peace Summit was a place for youth to grow in their authenticity, their leadership, their voice, and their connections. To realize the threads that bind us all together as one human species, and to learn how to harness their emotions and passions to bring about change in their lives, their families, and in the world.

The Summit utilizes a unique blend of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs and cross-cultural programming aimed at providing the next generation of leaders a model of inclusion, compassion, commitment, and service to their communities.


​These Summits activated something in the young people and they began seeking alternative education systems--  looking for equitable ways to serve their communities and step into heart-centered leadership. They were in search of a deeper connection to themselves, their spirit, and the sacred land that holds us all.  Thus, the One Village Project and the Institute for Emerging Visionaries was born.


The One Village Project holds a daily embodiment of the Global Youth Peace Summits essence, offering transformational & experiential learning opportunities for adults and young visionary leaders in the fields of regenerative agriculture, humanitarian service and community healing arts. 

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