Regeneration, from the soil to the people.

Our 20 acre ecological center in Hawaii is a visionary campus for transformational learning,
intergenerational village building, and regenerative agriculture. 

Year round, OVP is a thriving regenerative farm and outdoor campus planting not only vegetables, but seeds of education, food sovereignty, and cultural resilience. Daily, pounds of healthy food are shared, space is lent for community enterprises, knowledge is spread through engagement, and innovative plantings are supporting a thriving ecosystem. OVP is a place of refuge for communities to heal differences so that we can respond in harmony to climate instability and human injustices.

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One Village Project farm is more than a place, it’s a way of being. It's a wildly alive and experiential place that gathers diverse people together in devotion to being human in a new way. It’s an opportunity for humanity to realign as part of the ecosystem and to acknowledge that our communities need daily tending to in the same way we tend to the gardens.

One Village Project farm is regenerative, innovative, and incorporates diverse and environmentally appropriate plantings. Our organic food is grown in systems with wildly unique and diverse species to mitigate climate change through carbon sequestration, increased biodiversity, and improved air, water, and soil.

We prioritize increased food sovereignty, accessibility, and cultural resilience--working to lessen
barriers between the hungriest mouth’s and the healthiest food. Our solutions to climate injustice are long term and our farm is bustling daily with young minds soaking in teachings
and increasing knowledge independence. Our plantings are simple and replicable so people feel empowered to plant at home. We provide food but also a living classroom where knowledge and plant materials are taken off of our land and into the world. We believe this supports new generations of activated land stewards with simple, local, and appropriate land relations.


One Village Project is a living breathing experiment about what can grow out of soil that is diverse, inclusive, and nourished.