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Regeneration, from the soil to the people.

Our 20 acre ecological center in Hawaii is a visionary campus for transformational learning,
intergenerational village building, and regenerative agriculture.  
One Village Project farm is a refuge for self inquiry, natural living, and personal growth .  It is a place that practices devotion to community healing, conflict resolution, and cultural exchange. An agricultural cmapuscampus for small enterprise and transformational education that is immersed in a landscape of life-giving, soul-nourishing beauty.  

One Village Project farm is more than a place, it’s a way of being. It's a wildly alive and experiential place that gathers diverse people together in devotion to being human in a new way. 

We extend immense gratitude to the wisdom and power within the Kingdom of Hawai'i

Our earth-based practices focus on  Ecosystem Restoration, Food Security, Regenerative Agriculture.  These efforts include:

*Over 5+ acres of regenerative plantings, incorporating innovative agricultural
*Field site for Syntropic Agroforestry practices-- maximizing space by 200% &
mitigating climate change through carbon sequestration, increased biodiversity, and improved air, water, and soil.
*Living classroom for young people activated around food sovereignty and climate resilience to come and learn these techniques and collect plant material to take the knowledge into their own lives.
*Core plantings focused on Hawaiian canoe crops grown in alignment with traditional farming practices

*Partnerships with local businesses 

and more...

Our Commitment:  We recognize the blessing and responsibility of caring for this particular 'aina (land) on the sacred island that is the Kingdom of Hawai'i. We bow in honor with awareness and respect for the many generations of Hawaiian families that have farmed this land before us and left a legacy of sacred stewardship, spiritual & cultural wisdom, and agricultural practices. It is our prayer to continue in a sacred relationship with the land and to seek guidance and wisdom from our community of elders, teachers and mentors. May we stay reverent and reminded that many of us are visitors in their ancestral home.   

Looking to get involved? Sign up for our newsletter and keep an eye on our Transformational Projects page for immersions and opportunities to join us.

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