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Institute for Emerging Visionaries 

Our mission is to create a new model of transformational education that fosters a generation of young visionary leaders who are dedicated and equipped to serve humanity.

Cultivating Young Visionary Leaders

The Institute for Emerging Visionaries is an educational immersion program dedicated to creating environments and experiences for revolutionary youth to deepen themselves, their skills and knowledge so that they can actualize their humanitarian visions for the world.


This program is an invitation for young people, ages 18-30, to spend 10 immersive days diving into the deepest mission and purpose-driven work that calls to you.  Our Visionary Incubator invites you to reclaim your own visions for your life and humanity; exploring service as a path of living while crystallizing vision and curating your life to reflect it.

Our inspiration comes from years of working with youth from around the world and witnessing the immense power they have within when given the environment to be seen and heard.

We see the need and are committed to creating alternative learning experiences that support young visionary leaders to have the tools, resources and mentorship to rise up and realize their visions in service to humanity. Our emphasis is on mentoring youth who are inspired to create projects that promote unity, diversity, vulnerability, authenticity and build a more united and peaceful world.

The Institute for Emerging Visionaries serves as a sustainable model for supporting young emerging leaders from across the globe to implement their humanitarian projects in their countries and communities. 

We just completed this year's Incubator on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Please stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter for applications for 2023. 

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