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This is the re-generation, and the way we handle funding is in line with our aims to create a regenerative model of service to humanity through our visionary approaches to education, earth stewardship, global community building, and interpersonal development.

Note: If you are making a donation towards a specific program (i.e. Sponsorship for our ReGeneration Rising or Emerging Visionary Incubator) please specify in the "Dedication" section.

Thank you! 

As we work towards economic justice and increased accessibility to all people, we operate on a sliding scale and ask that people contribute with those in our community who need it most, in mind. We trust the honest assessment of your economic reality. For those able to make a larger contribution, you are helping to support opportunities for those less resourced-- it truly takes a village. 


Your support is the wellspring that provides necessary nourishment for these programs to flourish and for the seeds of change to take root in the world.


All donations are tax-deductible through our registered 501(c)3

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