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ReGeneration Rising 

A program dedicated to supporting young people to steep in the possibilities of their path, envision the power of their own lives, and engage in meaningful conversations around personal, cultural, and ecological, regeneration.

Inspired by the work of the Global Youth Peace Summit, ReGeneration Rising is a diverse program that ranges from virtual course offerings to in-person nature based immersions focused on healing, personal growth, cultural exchange, and embodied leadership.


Together with seasoned mentors, ReGeneration Rising explores the questions Who am I? What makes me come fully alive? What are my deepest needs, desires and dreams? What story do I choose to inhabit? How do I stand in my own truth and stay connected to important others? What are my gifts? Who is my community? How can I best contribute to a more joyful, just and meaningful world? We engage conversations and practices to cultivate our capacity to make a difference, deepen our resilience and inquire into what it means to be heart-centered leaders in a time in great need of our gifts. 

ReGeneration Rising is a place for young adults to inquire within themselves, explore what is most alive, and gain the tactile skills and support necessary to move through the world with more ease courage, and purpose. 

Current offering

A 6-month virtual journey of exploration and connection.

March 2022- August 2022

Ages 18-28

Wednesday Afternoons/Evenings (exact time TBD)

2 monthly calls: one call is a community building circle and one call with inspirational guest mentors. Additional deepening relationships, accountability, and support through dyads in between group sessions.

*Resilience tools and practices

*Befriending and understanding the self more deeply through mindfulness, somatic techniques, and self compassion

*Resourcing self and community to better thrive during such dynamic times with community sharing circles

*Engaging ritual and connective practices to support more meaning and ease


$900 for 6 months--payment plans and scholarships available

Applications due February 15th, 2021


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Facilitated by:

Alexis Slutzky

Aliya Rosenbloom

& 6 guest mentors 

Aliya’s life is devoted to creating spaces where communities explore and celebrate all facets of their humanity. She specializes in connecting people to the diverse magic that exists on the edge of the familiar. She has been a part of the work of the Global Youth Peace Summit's for almost 10 years. From Peace Summits to intentional farming, Aliya incorporates kinesthetic and experiential offerings as ways for people to explore the boundlessness of their potential. Her philosophy is rooted in befriending the discomforts that come with being a human and remembering ways to enjoy the ride.


Her facilitation style incorporates techniques that connect us to our bodies, breath, and the metaphorical teachings of the natural world to help us be live more meaningful and mindful lives.

Aliya Rosenbloom, MSSW (She/Her)

Aliya a core team member of the One Village Project & a supportive hand in making this work come to life.


Alexis Slutzky, MFT (She/Her)

Alexis is a mentor, educator, wilderness guide and facilitator who works at the confluence of ecology, psychology, social justice and healing. For over twenty years, she has created containers for transformation and cultural regeneration, working particularly to empower women and young people to share their creative and positional gifts to care for people and planet. Alexis teaches practices to help us remember who we are in the web of creation, including somatic and mindfulness techniques, nature intimacy, grief tending, ritual, dream work and reclamation of our own ancestral traditions. She is devoted to amplifying marginalized and exiled voices, in ourselves and communities, as we metabolize historical conditions in our bodies, mind and social infrastructures and change the personal and collective story from separation to communion.

Alexis holds a Master’s Degree in depth psychology, has been licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist, is Adjunct Faculty at Antioch University and offers programs, retreats and one-on-one mentoring. She has been working with the Global Youth Peace Summit for 7 years. Learn more about her work at

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Our Guest Mentorship Team


Gabriela Masala has been immersed in universal wisdom,  sacred arts and energy medicine for over 25 years. The mystical and natural worlds are her greatest mentors. As a creative catalyst, she is passionate about the evolution  of consciousness and pioneering what it means to be fully alive, whole and free.  She has been a profound and instrumental inspiration in our community for many years. More about her work:

Kurren Bradford has studied at the university level for 7 years in total acquiring a Bachelors in Business as well as Post Baccalaureate Medical Science. Through all of her studies she has found that innate wisdom is the most powerful education on Earth. She now practices and studies the art of internal regulation through the means of nature, companionship, and mindfulness.

Gabriela Masala

Kurren Bradford

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Solomon Masala

With over 25 years of hands-on experience, Solomon Masala's programs are masterfully experiential: people get out of their seats, they experience, they engage, and they embody what’s being learned. Whether it’s education, organizational development training, interactive keynotes, corporate culture processes, youth development, or large scale experiential programs, Solomon brings dynamic potency, passion, and playfulness to the learning.

Solomon is currently a lead facilitator for Blue Fire Leadership and the High School Director for the Austin Waldorf School. He has been an integral part of the One Village Project community and programming for many many years.


Vanessa Stone

For over twenty years, Vanessa has served as a visionary, teacher, humanitarian leader, inspired speaker, group facilitator, and mentor. Vanessa has initiated and served as lead facilitator in many transformational projects including, The Global Youth Peace Summits, Camp Indigo, Bhatti Mines School Project in India, Camp Mana,  African Youth Summits The Institute for Young Emerging Visionaries and this very organization, the One Village Project. 

Vanessa is devoted to co-create in service with community, and continue to mentor and inspire people from all over the world to put voice to vision, serve creation, study nature, realize authentic freedom and live for the soul.

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Tianna Arredondo is an environmental justice organizer living in Yokut Territory. Tianna has spent the  last few years working between international - national - local coalitions at Power Shift Network, SustainUS, and Outside of electoral and climate organizing their attention has had a focus on creating healing spaces to balance out doing and feeling for intergenerational leaders via: holding circle, journaling prompts, art activism, and curriculum/program creation.

Tianna Arredondo


For over 20 years, Fidel has produced several number one rated and award-winning radio programs for Clear Channel and Pacifica Radio. He has developed educational conferences; concerts; and facilitated wellness and leadership trainings for numerous companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations. For over a decade, he worked for a Los Angeles government agency where he facilitated adult leadership trainings and created youth development workshops for the juvenile justice system. Fidel has been an international keynote speaker on topics ranging from culture, shamanism, spirituality, consciousness, wellness, de-colonization and creating paradigm shifts in thinking. 


Fikes Photo 2021.jpg

Kesha Fikes

Kesha Fikes is a social praxis-centered somatic therapist and an independent scholar whose work is shaped by 25 years of engaged theorization on race, class, gender, citizenship, migration, and diasporization. Her teaching and therapeutic work on 'somatic extimacy' ( - for which she has a forthcoming book - trouble how normative expressions of intimacy violently racialize communication and connection in seemingly ordinary ways. Through attuned sensorial and verbal connection, Kesha facilitates careful engagement with somatic expressions that communicate silenced, unvoiced, and unmet needs that reflect current, intergenerational, and historically unintegrated stresses.


Our cohort for this program has been accepted and will be starting their journey March 2022


Sponsor a young person's journey 

Our community celebrates intergenerational support and mentorship. Your generosity directly supports the next generation of activated young people. 

Full Scholarship for 6-month offering: $900
Sponsorship of one monthly payment: $150
*Please indicate "For ReGeneration Rising" in the dedication section


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