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One Village Project is a model of visionary education and regenerative living that unites a global community in service to the highest expressions of life, one another, and the earth.

One Village Project is a way of returning home. A movement of redefining what is true community wealth. An opportunity to consider what it means to be a meaningfully engaged human.

One Village project is more than a place,  its a way of living.  We are exploring blueprints and replicable models for small communities to holistically address the spiritual, social, and ecological issues of our time through: 

-Transformational Education

-Intergenerational Village Building 

-Regenerative Agriculture & Food Sovereignty

-Cultural & Spiritual Resilience & Community Healing


Our work is a response to the rising generation of young people seeking to reimagine new models of education, community engagement, and ecological care. One Village Project offers opportunities for personal exploration and supports people from all walks of life in their visions to equitably unite the people and planet. 

Land as our Teacher.
A Global Vision.

Our 20 acre ecological sanctuary on the Big Island, Hawaii, is a visionary farm, living classroom and sanctuary for contemplation and self inquiry,  

The land ('aina) is our guide and teacher, helping us to return to our most natural state. 

Read more about our farm.

Grown out of 25+ years of global humanitarian projects, OVP is a model of experiential learning, collaborative
village building, and ecological stewardship. Our work holds a vision of intergenerational and intercultural approaches   to rise, respond, and grow healthier cultural, social, and agricultural systems.


The Farm.

Year round, One Village Farm is a thriving 20 acre regenerative farm and community refuge. It is a campus for community healing transformational education, food sovereignty, regenerative agriculture, cultural resilience, and spiritual nutrition. One Village Farm serves as  as a sanctuary, visionary incubator, and a living classroom for people of all ages to dive deeply into the study of themselves and what it means to live a regenerative, meaningful, and engaged life. OVP Farm offers embodied mentorship and tools to support all people in actualizing a life that is steeped in the innate wisdom of our natural world. Guided by the principals of  Aloha 'Aina.


The Offerings

OVP offers transformational opportunities for toddlers to elders. From a weekly farm school, to in-person immersions and virtual opportunities, there are many offerings for connection, growth, and cultural exchange. Born out of 25+ years of global humanitarian work, we offer experiential learning opportunities for adults & young visionary leaders in the fields of regenerative agriculture, humanitarian service and community healing arts. Our diverse transformational experiences unite a global community of active and engaged humans in service to the highest expressions of ourselves, one another, & the earth.

Join the regenerative revolution.

One Village Project was born out of 25+ years of integrated global service led by founder of the The Global Youth Peace Summit, the Amala Foundation, and the One Village Project, Vanessa Stone.  As a visionary teacher and humanitarian leader, Vanessa Stone has been a global student of the human experience.  She has spent her life intimately looking at the wounds of separation and working with global communities to build cultures of respect, listening, and shared vision making. 

The One Village Project is the living, breathing template of her life's work. 

It's a wildly alive and experiential place that gathers diverse people together in devotion to being human in a new way.


It’s an opportunity for humanity to realign as part of the ecosystem and to acknowledge that our communities need daily tending to in the same way we tend to the gardens. One Village Project is a living breathing experiment about what can grow out of soil that is diverse, inclusive, and nourished.

Home: About
"When the children are here on the land, in the gardens, running freely through open fields, exploring nature with imagination and wonder... we remember. This is legacy work, this is true education, this is a sustainable movement to restore sentience and authentic connection to the wisdom of the land. We plant trees for the generations to come and feel honored to envision and create with the children that are here and now. One Village."
- Vanessa Stone
Words from our community...
“This experience helped me to willingly forgive people in my life that I wasn’t ready to forgive. It helped me learn how to solve matters peacefully without violence and have an independent mind of what is right and wrong hence enabling me to say no to negative incitement. It enabled me to accept other religions without judgement and made me passionate about helping the less fortunate; it gave me a new meaning of life.”

— Kenya Global Youth Peace Summit Participant

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to live my dream of service to humanity. My experience at the incubator in Hawaii was so amazing. The magic from the farm, loving and caring souls from the people of Hawaii, the wisdom, skills and knowledge shared by our mentors and femtors and sharing of ideas with my fellow visionaries. These experiences will not only be rooted in my heart but also remain as a powerhouse and asset for my personal mission and my mission to the world the entirety of my life. Thank you for believing in me when I did not believe in myself, your mentorship and advice has lifted me from weakness to strength, from grass to grace and from nothing to something.”

— IEV Visionary Fellow/Attendee at Global Visionary Incubator

“Spent the past ten days with youth from all different backgrounds and parts of the world, holding them and ourselves in a container that fosters vulnerability, authentic expression, REALNESS, and shared humanity. I am still barely able to digest the amount of transformation I witnessed this week and have a sweet taste in my mouth of the possibility of a healing, supportive, and authentic society.”

— CA Global Youth Peace Summit Volunteer

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Thank You, Welcome to the Village

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