One Village Project is a regenerative model of visionary education and engagement that unites a global community in service to the highest expressions of ourselves, one another, and the earth.

Our work is a response to the rising generation of young people seeking to reimagine new models of education and community engagement. One Village Project offers space for personal exploration and supports youth in their visions to equitably unite the people and planet. 

Land as our Teacher.

One Village Project, a 20 acre ecological center in Hawaii, is a visionary campus for transformational learning, intergenerational village building, and regenerative agriculture.

A Global Vision.

Grown out of 20+ years of global humanitarian projects, OVP is a model of experiential learning. Our work holds a vision of engaged mentors and youth working together to rise, respond, and grow healthier cultural, ecological, and agricultural systems.


The Farm.

Year round, One Village Farm is a thriving 20 acre regenerative farm and outdoor campus planting not only vegetables, but seeds of education, food sovereignty, and cultural resilience. One Village Farm serves as  as a sanctuary, visionary incubator and a living classroom for people of all ages to dive deeply into the study of themselves and what it means to live a regenerative life. OVP Farm offers embodied mentorship and tools to support young people in actualizing a life that is in service to the highest expression of humanity and the earth.

The Offerings.

OVP is home to transformational opportunities for toddlers to elders. From a weekly farm school, to longer immersions and virtual opportunities, there are many opportunities for connection, growth, and cultural exchange. Annually, OVP unites seasoned mentors with young visionaries ages 18-28 who are inspired to create projects that support a more united, equitable and peace centered existence. Young people are invited to enter into our living classroom and dive deeply into a study of themselves, their communities, and the natural world. 

The Radio.

One Village Radio is a collective of visionary voices, wildly engaged humanitarians, and revolutionary young people dedicated to amplifying the diverse and resilient voices of humanity. We are here to water the seeds of the rising regeneration and delightfully disturb the current narrative of the world through drawing on the wisdom of the land, elders and highlighting young revolutionary voices. Stay tuned, launching soon! 

Join the regenerative revolution.

The movement began in 2007 with the gathering of young people from all over the world--the first Global Youth Peace Summit in Austin, Texas.  The Global Youth Peace Summits imagined a truly diverse village, where youth from all over the world come to address the wounds of separation and work together in a culture of respect and listening to discover shared vision and inspiration.


A massive community and movement was born, To date, that community and Vanessa Stone, the founder of the Amala Foundation and One Village Project, have held 20+ Global Youth Peace Summits across the world, serving thousands of international young people in search of a more connected and compassionate world. ​These Summits activated something in the young people and they began seeking alternative education systems--  looking for equitable ways to serve their communities and step into heart-centered leadership.  


One Village Project was born as an offering based in visionary humanitarian education that considers regenerative models of relating to our land and culture. 


One Village Project is more than a place, it’s a way of being.


It's a wildly alive and experiential place that gathers diverse people together in devotion to being human in a new way.


It’s an opportunity for humanity to realign as part of the ecosystem and to acknowledge that our communities need daily tending to in the same way we tend to the gardens. One Village Project is a living breathing experiment about what can grow out of soil that is diverse, inclusive, and nourished.


About Our Village 

Our work wouldn’t be possible without the support of a full and thriving community. Grown out of 20+ years of service, One Village Project evolves the typical organizational models of service, acting as an embodied ecosystem wildly dependent on communal devotion and collaboration. 

On the ground daily, we have a full volunteer team of committed land stewards and advocates who have devoted their lives to the vision of a more regenerative future. Our intergenerational and women-led leadership team brings together seasoned humanitarians and former youth leaders from our programs themselves. Overall, we are a group of engaged humans that believe embodiment is the most sustainable contribution we can make to a more peace centered and equitable existence for all life. It’s not just the land that needs regeneration--we are redefining all the way to the core and through our culture, economics, and ways of leading. We want to imagine a new way of shared leadership and invite the world into healthier models of engaging and defining work. We are a women led, multicultural, intergenerational, interfaith community that grows projects and people through commitments to land stewardship, visionary mentorship and whole-hearted connection.

“We have a powerful potential in our youth, and we must have the courage to change old ideas and practices so that we may direct their power toward good ends.”
— Mary McLeod Bethune
Words from our community...
“This experience helped me to willingly forgive people in my life that I wasn’t ready to forgive. It helped me learn how to solve matters peacefully without violence and have an independent mind of what is right and wrong hence enabling me to say no to negative incitement. It enabled me to accept other religions without judgement and made me passionate about helping the less fortunate; it gave me a new meaning of life.”

— Kenya Global Youth Peace Summit Participant

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to live my dream of service to humanity. My experience at the incubator in Hawaii was so amazing. The magic from the farm, loving and caring souls from the people of Hawaii, the wisdom, skills and knowledge shared by our mentors and femtors and sharing of ideas with my fellow visionaries. These experiences will not only be rooted in my heart but also remain as a powerhouse and asset for my personal mission and my mission to the world the entirety of my life. Thank you for believing in me when I did not believe in myself, your mentorship and advice has lifted me from weakness to strength, from grass to grace and from nothing to something.”

— IEV Visionary Fellow/Attendee at Global Visionary Incubator

“Spent the past ten days with youth from all different backgrounds and parts of the world, holding them and ourselves in a container that fosters vulnerability, authentic expression, REALNESS, and shared humanity. I am still barely able to digest the amount of transformation I witnessed this week and have a sweet taste in my mouth of the possibility of a healing, supportive, and authentic society.”

— CA Global Youth Peace Summit Volunteer

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